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A live webinar is a great way to see the CRM in action and get your questions answered in real time by a CRM Coach! Each live webinar is about 30 minutes, and we'll send you email reminders before the session.  

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Webinar FAQ

Q: What if I want to schedule a 1:1 call or ask a few questions instead of watching an entire webinar? 

A: Contact Less Annoying customer support

Q: I’m not a Less Annoying CRM  customer. Can I join?

A: You sure can. The sessions are complimentary for existing customers and new friends.

Q: Will the session be recorded? 

A: Yes, live webinars are always recorded, and you'll receive a replay post-webinar. On-demand webinars are available at any time!

Q: What if I register but can't make it?

A: It’s all good. We'll still send you a recording, and you can always sign up for another webinar.

Q: Can I ask questions?

A: Absolutely! Every live webinar has a Q&A, and you can always contact customer support

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Unlike a live webinar, you can watch an on-demand webinar at any time! If you have questions during the webinar, you can always contact Less Annoying CRM customer support.